Health Literacy

The missing piece of the puzzle.

Our gamified platform offers employers, universities, school systems, and communities solutions to improve health literacy and drive positive behaviors by educating people in fun and engaging ways.







Health literacy is the ability to understand and act on health information.

119 million Americans

are at risk for preventable health problems because they have difficulty understanding health information.


Why does health literacy matter?

Low health literacy costs MORE:

  • More health claims
  • More hospital stays
  • More trips to the ER
  • Less compliance with treatment plans
  • Higher death rates

High health literacy costs LESS:

  • Fewer health claims
  • Fewer needs for special services
  • Better health
  • More compliance with treatment plans
  • More savings on drugs and other healthcare costs

Our goal: Better health, lower costs through higher health literacy

The EdLogics Platform®

Game-Based Learning

Rooted in learning theory and behavioral science, our interactive games make learning fun and engaging.

Personalized Health Education

Multimedia videos, articles, and games educate users on a broad range of health topics, from chronic diseases to navigating the healthcare system.

Gamification & Incentives

Our proprietary incentive program and gamification strategies like leaderboards, badges, and points promote engagement and achievement.

Reporting & Analytics

Robust assessments, reporting, and analytics measure user comprehension and program impact.

Customizable & Secure

Our secure, HIPAA compliant platform can be private labeled and integrated with existing programs and technology.

Play. Learn. Win!

Our educational games are developed by a team of behavioral science, health, and game design experts to deliver an engaging and incentivized learning experience.

With EdLogics, everyone wins.

We transform the way people learn about health and healthcare.

Watch how we do it!

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